4 Useful Tips to Make a Great Presentation

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A presentation is a collection of slides with information on a particular topic. The success of a business depends not so much on the idea that you introduce, but on the presentation that you are preparing, in particular, its design and visual communication with the audience. This guide contains recommendations on how to make a presentation and how to work with presentation software. Do not be a presentation zero. Check out these killer presentation tips and techniques!

How to Make a Great Presentation

It is not difficult to make an excellent presentation; all you need is a bit of know-how and appropriate planning.

State the Objectives

Identify what you are going to talk about and why you are preparing the presentation. Sometimes a presentation does not have the desired impact due to the audience being unsure what the talk is about. However, do not make your goal so broad that you fail to cover it. It is better to identify a narrow yet realistic goal.

Conduct a Great Research

To give a good presentation, you should have a strong understanding of the topic. Therefore, it is vital to create accurate and up-to-date content, as well as consider who your audience is. Be sure to give your listeners a reason to enjoy your presentation.

Write the Start and Finish

Remember that these are the most important parts of your presentation. By creating an excellent introduction, you can make your audience curious about the main part of your speech. The conclusion of a presentation gives you a final chance to make an impression on your audience.

Write the Rest of Your Slides

Avoid being wordy and putting too much information on each slide. It is better to divide slides with too much material into several different ones.

Choose the Best Presentation Software

PowerPoint deserves credit for being easy-to-use and straightforward, though it is not the most engaging platform in terms of design. Let us look through some alternatives to PowerPoint so that you can pick the software that matches your needs.

1. Prezi

Prezi is an online presentation tool that makes it possible to create a fairly stunning presentation that resembles a mind map, allowing you to work with different slides on a single canvas. However, Prezi cannot be used on a regular basis for business presentations, as its effects are not appropriate for business proposals. If you want to make an impressive presentation for your speech, though, you may use this tool.

  • Prezi offers more than a hundred templates.
  • The interface is quite simple due to the drag-and-drop functionality that is easy to use.
  • The platform may be used on Windows and Mac desktops.
  • When making a presentation, think about how you want to incorporate the zooming effect.

2. Vyond

If you want to create a presentation in the form of a video, you can use Vyond software to grab the audience’s attention. This software enables you to build stories with moving characters or effective data visualizations. Instead of making slides with text, you can create characters and props and make them move.

  • Vyond’s interface is quite clear, and it is easy to navigate through it.
  • After you log in, click on Make a Video and select a style of a presentation and a template.
  • You can add characters, charts, text, or props.
  • You can choose an action and apply it to a character.

3. Slides

  • All presentations are created in HTML, and therefore may be read from any device.
  • HTML encoding allows you to customize the presentation in any way you like, as well as embed almost any content from the Internet.
  • You can manage the presentation from any device or download an offline version of the presentation by synchronizing your account with Dropbox.
  • The Slides editor is available online and may be accessed right from your browser.

4. Zoho Show

This platform is a great way for a beginner with minimal design skills to create a simple presentation. Apart from a dozen templates, Zoho Show offers various animations and the visual effects of a slide transition.

  • The software is similar to PowerPoint, as it allows you to present information through slides.
  • Zoho Show is free for a single user.
  • It works on all Android devices and desktops.

5. SlideBean

Many users consider SlideBean to be the most comprehensive online presentation software due to the number of templates and an innovative approach to the representation of information.

  • You do not have to waste your time dragging and dropping images, picking the right font and text size, or adjusting box dimensions.
  • In fact, the only thing you have to concentrate on is the quality of content, while SlideBean takes care of the way your content is presented.
  • When you have added the content, you can change the style and pick an image from hundreds of suggestions.
  • SlideBean allows for creating a presentation in minutes, as you only have to choose a template and fill in your content.
  • Creating an account in SlideBean is free.

Presentations play an important role in running a flourishing business, as they are of help in fundraising, conferences, training, and team meetings. Current presentation tool options allow you to give your presentation extra oomph, especially by using catchy design and providing compelling data visualizations. These guidelines have discussed how to use various programs to create powerful and dynamic presentations appropriately.

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