Thesis Statement & Topic Sentences

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A thesis statement in combination with topic sentences is vital for a paper, helping to structure ideas for both the student and the reader. This makes it easier for the writer to lay out thoughts by having an identified general theme for an essay and for each paragraph therein. A thesis statement is an explanation of the overall facts or thoughts to be discussed, while topic sentences have a similar role for each of the paragraphs within the text. Clearly defined thesis and topic sentences are essential for any essay because they help the student to develop ideas in a structured manner while engaging the reader.

Prepare a topic and reference materials

The first step to forming a good thesis should begin with reflection on a topic for the paper. Because this component should persuade the intended audience for the article, the student should have an understanding of the subject in question. Additionally, it is crucial to develop a particular point of view that will guide further writing. Obviously, this also requires an understanding of the topic; therefore, the student should conduct research and gather appropriate materials prior to writing a thesis and topic statements.

Highlight the main idea of the essay

Thesis statement for an essay about the learning habits of individuals might be the following.


“College students can achieve better educational outcomes when structuring their studies and dedicating time to read materials for classes each day.”

From this sentence, it can be summarized that the work will present evidence to convince a reader regarding possible approaches to education that can help achieve success. The statement also presents ideas that can help a student create topic sentences for each paragraph.

Identify the main points discussed in the body of the essay

In this case, a sentence at the beginning of each paragraph would be directed at examining various approaches a student can take to improve the efficacy of studying. A topic sentence for the first paragraph would be as follows.


“Structuring learning materials including books, journals, articles, videos, and others can help enhance the learning process.”

The paragraph itself would discuss the importance of proper structure and ways to choose sources for studies, providing guidance on how to use several references to gain knowledge of a topic.

The second topic sentence could take this form.


“By dedicating time to education each day, a student can better memorize material and enhance the understanding of a subject.”

Therefore, this section of the paper would focus on the benefits that can be achieved through daily effort invested in education. From these examples, it is reasonable to conclude that topic sentences are essential because they convey the ideas that will be discussed in the related paragraphs. It is also vital to ensure that each section is dedicated to a different argument to avoid confusing the reader.

Check this article to get a clear understanding on what is thesis statement and how to write it. Also, you will find a range of online thesis generators to facilitate your studying.


A good understanding of the topic that will be discussed in the paper is vital to writing a good thesis statement and topic sentences. Following the acquisition of this knowledge, it is necessary to develop a central idea that will appeal to the reader and address it by summarizing the main points of the essay. The final step is to write out several components that are related to the thesis and will be examined in the paper. Topic sentences should summarize these factors and provide an understanding of the aspects that will be examined in the associated paragraphs.

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